11 best Philadelphia restaurants for dining alone – The Philadelphia Inquirer

We’re calling it: ‘tis the season of the solo diner. Whether you’d prefer to crack open a book while seated at the bar, set up a temporary office at a neighborhood spot’s corner table, or people watch by a window, the time to indulge in a dinner by yourself, for yourself is now.

One of Philadelphia’s best qualities is how informal dining here can be. Dining alone means you don’t need to rely on a plus one to plan an impressive date, or coordinate a group night out with multiple schedules and dietary restrictions, how to split checks, or what apps to order.

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As people find their schedules “returning to normal,” with it comes the increased pressure of calendars overbooked with social engagements. Sometimes, self-care can look like treating yourself to fine dining at a bar without judgment and zero pretension. And for those