Barcelona’s Best Tasting Menus for Every Budget – Eater

Fine dining has had a tough go in recent years. Even before COVID-19 severely restricted the swagger of in-person eating, much of the world was moving away from the highfalutin 17-fork trappings of an upscale meal. Instead, they began looking to street stalls, pubs, and casual bistros for culinary inspiration. Netflix began streaming the same kind of dramatically scored food worship for sidewalk noodles that it once reserved for white-gloved haute cuisine, and more than one publication officially declared the death of fine dining, or sees its demise coming.

This trend has become especially true in travel — and rightfully so. In most cities around the world, stepping off the street and into a cushy dining room means missing out on important local culinary traditions in favor of a tablecloth and some generic amuse bouche. But Barcelona is different. Here in the birthplace of the spherified olive, a multicourse meal peppered with modernist bits and bobs is arguably as natural a part of the culinary ecosystem as jamón and vermut.

Today the city of just 1.6 million is home to 22 Michelin-starred restaurants and more tasting menus than you can shake a pair of tweezers at. The fancification of Catalan dining began in the 1970s, when the French nouvelle cuisine movement, which focused on fresh ingredients and delicate presentations, made its way across the border. But the real turning point came in 1987 when Ferran