#HackTheMenu spills your favorite fast-food place’s secret menu – TODAY

“It will give you a list of secret menu items they don’t want you to know about,” McTech says in his video. “When you click on one (of the logos) it will give you a description and where to find it.”

For example, there’s the McCrepe at McDonald’s, a “DIY (do-it-yourself) item on the McDonald’s secret menu,” which means you have to make it yourself — by filling the Hotcake with the Yogurt Parfait.

And then there’s the Burritodilla at Chipotle, which is “a smaller, more diet friendly alteration of the Chipotle Quesarito that allows the consumer to eat without the mess of a behemoth burrito,” according to the site. Here’s how to order it: “Ask for a burrito to be grilled up like a quesadilla. Make sure to ask for half the amount of fillings so it doesn’t overflow!”

Popular burger chain, In-N-Out, lists “Animal Style Fries” as one of the top secret menu items.

“Layered on top of hot french fries, ordering ‘Animal Style Fries’ adds cheese, In-N-Out’s secret spread, and grilled onions right on top,” Hack The Menu says.

TODAY Food confirmed that ordering the popular fries off the supposed “secret menu” worked seamlessly without issue at a chain location in northern California — and tasted great.

In-N-Out Burger’s ‘Animal Style Fries’ is a popular secret menu item.Courtesy Kait Hanson

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