Guide to eating at the 2021 Arizona State Fair: Wildest fair foods ranked worst to best – The Arizona Republic

The Arizona State Fair is a magical place where Instagram food mashups meet the deep fryer and all your wildest Hot Cheetos fantasies could come true.

Back this year at the Arizona State Fairgrounds through Oct. 30, this year’s food lineup is as over-the-top as ever with colorful food vendors serving everything from bacon-wrapped turkey legs to mangonada boba tea with a sense of whimsy.

I spent a Saturday working my way through the fairgrounds. I did not go on a single ride. Instead, I kept my stomach pure and ready for the extreme undertaking of sampling bites from the dozens of food vendors in order to find the weirdest, the tastiest and the most horrific examples of American gastronomy on offer.

Of all the creations I tried, eight stood out from the rest in both deliciousness and depravity. Here are the most memorable dishes from the 2021 Arizona State Fair, ranked from worst to best.

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8. Hot Cheetos Cheeseburger

A Hot Cheetos cheeseburger from Biggy's sits on a paper plate at the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix on Oct. 2, 2021.

From Biggy’s, home of the bacon-wrapped pork belly, comes this brilliant