Chili’s: 10 of their greatest menu items of all-time – Guilty Eats

We’ve decided to take a look at the many menu items served up at Chili’s over the years, and pick which of those Chili’s menu items are the absolute ten best of all-time. Quite the undertaking, yes, but here at Guilty Eats, we pride ourselves in taking on those tasks that entail tough decisions. And when it comes to picking one tasty Guilty Eat from another one, we consider that a very difficult decision indeed.

Chili’s restaurant first opened in 1975. Founder, Larry Lavine, started with a single location; his concept for a casual restaurant that served simple American cuisine caught on over the years, and by the eighties, the restaurant flourished and many more locations sprung up.

Of course the menu expanded slightly, offering up breakfast options, as well as a wide array of Tex-Mex menu items that do very well with North-American clients as well as all over the world.

Chili’s serves the world over, with a whopping 1,606 locations (as of a 2017 census).

So how about we get to it and look at the 10 best Chili’s menu items ever to grace their menu since the mid-seventies?

10. Classic Rib eye

For those meat lovers out there, perhaps nothing beats a classic cut like this. Not too large and served up with veggies, mash and a toasted bun; what else could you ask