The 15 Best Restaurants in the Denver Suburbs – Thrillist

Big Mac and Little Lu’s Seafood Restaurant

It’s no secret that Denver is a foodie city. Restaurants are constantly popping up left and right and cover every cuisine that a food-lover can conjure. And while many of Metro Denver’s most popular restaurants can be found in buzzing hubs and streets with heavy foot-traffic, we would be remiss to say that all of Denver‘s great restaurants are only found here. There are actually quite a few hidden gems found nestled within Denver’s surrounding suburbs, from mountside bistros to contemporary American fare in the heart of a neighborhood to eye-catching sushi north of the city. Clearly, Denver’s suburbs have a lot to offer when it comes to good restaurants.

For those who have yet to try German cuisine (as it can be hard to come by), be sure to check out the semi-hidden but definitely authentic Golden Europe Restaurant. The menu features, among other interest-piquing items, a wide variety of different schnitzels, meat-based mains like Jager pork and bratwurst, or a diner’s choice of the Czech, Austrian, or German plate, which offers guests a sampling of various meats and schnitzel as a nod to