The Best Chili in Every State | Eat This Not That – Eat This, Not That

Chili is one of those warming comfort foods that appear on menus in many different forms. Piled high on a plate of fries, served with a dollop of sour cream, sprinkled with shredded cheddar cheese, or made sans toppings, this dish is delicious no matter how you like to have it prepared. And lucky for us, there seems to be no shortage of chili found in eateries throughout the country.

From brisket chilis offered at friendly barbecue joints, to chili that is served over heaping mounds of spaghetti at iconic restaurants, here are the best places for chili throughout the 50 states:

alabama the blind mule
FoodWanderer A./ Yelp

The Blind Mule‘s homemade “Mule Chili” is made using black beans and is available in two sizes—either a cup or a bowl. Enjoy an order of this delicious dish while sitting in The Blind Mule’s