Restaurants, Cafes, and Food Trucks to Eat at on Washington Avenue – Philadelphia magazine

With its pho halls and street foods, Washington Avenue is one of the most diverse — and delicious — culinary destinations in Philadelphia.

Dock Street Brewery South | Facebook

While Washington Avenue isn’t a neighborhood, it is a demarcation point in the city. Head north and you’ll hit Center City, with all it’s tall buildings, office workers, and elegance. Go south, and you’re headed into Point Breeze, Passyunk, and Pennsport — South Philadelphia neighborhoods with all that infamous Philly grit and personality. Along Washington Avenue, though, you’ll find a swath of restaurants, food trucks, pho halls and more — all of them interesting, all of them worthy of a special trip all their own. Here are the places you should plan around.

Porcos Porchetteria/Small Oven Pastry Shop
What can we say about Porcos that we haven’t already said? Their sandwiches, which come piled with juicy porchetta and crunchy skin, are among the best in the city, and they also sell cakes by the quarter, which is the absolutely correct way to sell cake.

Dock Street Brewery South
This industrial stretch of Washington Avenue is a surprising location for a brewery and pizza spot, but there’s really nowhere in Philly where great beer and great pizza (and in the mornings, great coffee) aren’t appreciated. It’s an airy,