5-star food: New Lowood chef cements original rating with updated menu – Tulsa World

Lowood Modern Woodfire, 817 E. Third St., opened in the fall of 2019 and was named the best restaurant of the year by the Tulsa World, earning five-star ratings for its atmosphere, service, and — most importantly — its food.

The restaurant’s appearance and the majority of its staff has not changed, but the menu has undergone extensive renovations to feature new executive chef Bobby Benjamin’s way of combining the best possible local ingredients with European techniques and sensibilities, to understand the history of a dish or an ingredient so that that history informs a very contemporary creation.

“Pretty much anything that touches the Mediterranean Sea, and that can be grown or raised in Oklahoma, is going to find a place on our menu,” Benjamin said.

It’s an approach that certainly cements Lowood’s five-star rating, as evidenced by an array of dishes we sampled during a recent interview and photo session.