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When it comes to food, are you a fan of grabbing a bite to eat at a food truck near you? If you’ve never tried doing that before, you’re missing out. Food trucks can have some of the best foods if you give them a shot. That’s why we decided to help you find some of the very best food trucks near you. We rounded up 100 food trucks across the country—two from each state. Even ones in Alaska and Hawaii are included!

So what are you waiting for? Skip going through a fast-food drive-through and try one of these places on wheels instead. There are food trucks near you with everything from burgers, to grilled cheese to pizza to Thai food to tacos and donuts listed below. The only catch is, some food trucks move around and aren’t stationed in the same spot so you have to make sure you check out their weekly schedules on their Instagrams before you go.

Once you try one food truck near you, you’ll want to try more. You may even make one in your neighborhood your go-to lunch spot. Check out all 100 food truck ideas near you below. Trust us, you’ll be so glad you did.

Best Food Trucks Near Me


Milo’s Burger Bus

If burgers and fries are your faves, hit up Milo’s Burger Bus. It just turned 75 years old, so you know it has the best burgers you can find in Alabama. Check out