5 Best-Rated New Fast-Food Items Of 2021, According to Food Critics Eat This, Not – Eat This, Not That

This year has been an eventful one on the fast-food scene. New chicken sandwiches, burgers, sides, sauces, and pizzas have started proliferating as chains begin to take control of their post-pandemic destinies.

While consumers may have ended up suffering from the paradox of choice—having too many options to truly appreciate any single one—fast-food critics have helped highlight some of this year’s most notable new releases.

Here are the five new fast-food items the experts spoke highly of—catch ’em them while you still can!

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popeyes cajun flounder sandwich
Courtesy of Popeyes

Most will remember 2021 as the year of McDonald’s new chicken sandwiches or their BTS meal, but the greatest achievement in fast food may have