5 Best New Fast-Food Items for Your Waistline | Eat This Not That – Eat This, Not That

The pandemic proved that the age-old concept of the drive-thru is not only convenient, but sometimes necessary. However… unless you want a stacked-high beef burger or crispy chicken sandwich with a side of something deep-fried (like McDonald’s fries), the idea of grabbing fast food might still make you think twice. Happily (finally!), as of this week, at least five major chains are making major strides to introduce menu items that won’t fill you with fat, calories, and regret.

Some of the world’s major fast-food chains are introducing exciting alternatives to their traditional burger menus. Since cutting red meat significantly reduces how much saturated fat you eat and can help improve your health overall, seeking out menu options like the ones on our list may support weight loss efforts and help you feel healthier in general.

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