Tom Sietsema’s 7 favorite places to eat right now – The Washington Post

As for the cooking, there’s little on the menu that you’ve likely encountered before. Creamy burrata, dusted with vegetable ash, comes to the table with tiles of pineapple stained with balsamic vinegar, a minty-fresh pesto and a blush-colored syrup made from extra-sweet Kumato tomatoes. A dramatic octopus tentacle shares its plate with an herby lentil salad atop a sauce of mushrooms and tamarind. Limardo has a knack for pairing contrasts. He’s playful, too. Brined, steamed, fried cauliflower sports a crackling crust spiked with cayenne, onion, garlic and more — hence its name: “Egyptian KFC.” Gratis housemade candy bars in sleek wrappers signal dinner’s end.