TikTok user lists Australia’s top 5 fast-food menu items – NEWS.com.au

Fast food. It’s the anytime of day meal that’s truly evolved over the past decade.

Once narrowed down to a bucket of fried chicken or a Big Mac and fries, the options of what you can pick up and throw down in a hurry are endless – and delicious!

But one TikTok user claims she’s uncovered the top five fast food options within Australia, but not everyone is on board with her curated list of winners.

Emma Cooper posted a video to her TikTok account, listing five fabulous feeds you’ll find at fast food restaurants across the country – but the winner, from McDonald’s, may surprise you.

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“Chicken and Cheese … this is the reason I’m not vegetarian, it’s amazing” she explained of the rather unassuming burger, that literally contains a slab of chicken, a slice of cheese and a squirt of mayo. From our POV, the only win from this burger is that it retails for just $3.50.

Next, she lists an all-time favourite (and one we can totally get on board with) – the KFC potato and gravy followed by their $2 fries.

“I will literally fight to the grave about this … they have the best chips,” Ms Cooper vents.

“I don’t want to hear what you think is in the potato and gravy … if you’ve got tonsillitis get