The Best Fast Food Breakfasts, Ranked – Delish

As much as some of us wish we could be the sort of person who wakes up early enough to prepare a lavish breakfast at home, life gets in the way. For days like that, fast food breakfast is the answer…but not all chain breakfasts are created equal (even though they are all, at baseline, very delicious). It all depends on what’s available near you and the sorts of flavors you prefer in the A.M., but these are some of the best. They’re so good you might even start waking up at your first alarm. Emphasis on might.


McDonald’s breakfast is the standard of fast-food breakfasts. Even those people who don’t tend to eat fast food in the mornings have enjoyed an Egg McMuffin or McGriddle at one point or another. They’ve gotten me through a number of road trips here and there, mainly because the flavors are the same you’d enjoy at a sit-down brunch (syrup, pancakes, eggs, bacon) combined together into easy handheld sandwiches. I’m still mind-blown by the fact that little pockets of syrup are inside of each pancake bun in a McGriddle. Pure genius. Plus, you can’t beat their hashbrowns and their coffee is one of the best fast-food options.


When Wendy’s breakfast hit the scene in March 2020 it was a total game-changer. Their breakfast menu leaned into the meals they do best: Baconators, Frostys, and chicken sandwiches. While Wendy’s offers classic