Pranic Foods: Types, History, Evidence, and More – Healthline

The concept of pranic foods is likely based on the ancient Indian yogic diet culture of consuming foods to nurture your mind, body, and soul.

Pranic foods comprise the pranic diet, an eating pattern that categorizes foods based on how they supposedly affect your vital energy, or prana.

To understand how these foods purportedly function, you must first know what prana is.

This article explains what prana is, examines various types of pranic foods, and reviews the scientific evidence behind these concepts.

Prana is a Sanskrit word for life or breath. According to the Hindu belief system, prana is your life force or vital energy — similar to “qi” (or “chi”) in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) (1).

In the Hindu practice of yoga, prana is considered a cosmic form of energy that exists everywhere. When present within you, prana becomes life — and when it leaves the body, that marks death (1).

The energy of a particular food and how it affects your life force is the basic principle behind pranic foods.


In Hinduism, prana is one’s vital energy or life force. How foods affect this life force is the foundation of pranic foods.

Pranic food shouldn’t be confused with pranic healing, which is an entirely different concept. Pranic