Costco Is Making These 6 Changes to Its Food Court | Eat This Not That – Eat This, Not That

Grocery stores have started making big changes as summer gets closer and pandemic rules loosen (bye, product purchasing limits!). And the same goes for the food court at Costco. The eat-in section of the beloved warehouse is growing, and old, discontinued favorites are being made available again. Plus, even the way the food court operates is being updated.

Read on for all the changes to Costco’s food court you need to know before your next visit so you can enjoy a post-shopping treat! And for more, check out these 10 Popular Products Coming Back To Costco This Year.

costco menu signs with acai bowl and frozen yogurt

For many, there’s nothing quite like a sweet, cool treat after a successful warehouse run. Unfortunately, Costco took them off the menu when the pandemic started, but now, ice cream and smoothies are back! There’s no word yet on any price or ingredient changes, unlike other items.

If you’re trying to stay