The 4 Worst New Burgers on Fast-Food Menus, According to RDs – Eat This, Not That

A burger and fries combo will do the job when fast-food cravings hit, but we don’t even need to tell you you’ll be hard-pressed to find a “healthy” fast-food version of this beloved order. These burgers and fries are usually super greasy, piled high with toppings, and getting more and more tempting, as restaurants are continually coming up with new and exciting (but not so nutritious!) flavor combinations that you’ll want to try.

So before you’re tempted by some of the latest menu novelties fast-food chains have put out recently, make sure you know the ones you should stay away from for the sake of your health. Here are a few of the worst new burgers on fast-food menus you really don’t need to test out.

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sonic bacon jam cheeseburger