2021 Masters concessions menu: Food choices and food prices at Augusta National – Golf News Net

One of the most talked-about things about the Masters Tournament and going to Augusta National as a patron is the quality and prices of the food served at the tournament.

The concessions at Augusta National are delicious, and they’re priced way more reasonably than any other major sporting event in the world. Prices are higher at concessions stands for Little League games than at the Masters. I defy you to spend $15 and not eat three meals there.

The food prices are low for good reason. Augusta National wants to make the patrons feel like welcomed club guests. They won’t gouge their patrons on food prices, and patrons are going to spend a whole ton of money at the merchandise shop that is three stories tall. It’s free advertising to wear the Masters merch anywhere, but the food wrappers don’t leave the property.

The Masters food menu has seen some changes over the years, but the items on the menu and how much the club charges for them hasn’t changed much in recent years.

The best Masters food choices to order? Egg salad and pimento cheese sandwiches are the classics, and the chicken sandwich is the proper breakfast selection. And if you don’t get a peach ice-cream sandwich, then you’re missing out on the best thing on the Augusta National menu.