All The Best Fast Food Desserts, Ranked – Delish

While burgers and fries take the spotlight on any fast food menu, it would be wrong to underestimate the art of saving room for dessert. Surprisingly, fast casual restaurants are keepers to some of the best frozen treats. Can you order a McFlurry at a high-end dinner? I think not.

Fast food is the ideal meal when we’re too busy to sit down and enjoy a home cooked dinner, or when you’re driving the kids from one activity to another and they haven’t even started their homework yet. Founder of Wendy’s Dave Thomas wanted to create the Frosty as the final touch on the “perfect meal,” and I’d have to agree with him. It’s no easy task to rank fast food desserts with so many options available, but we did it. Here’s our official ranking of some of the best (and some of the not-so-great) fast food treats, from our favorites to our least faves.

1 McDonald’s Oreo McFlurry

If loving an Oreo McFlurry is wrong, I don’t want to be right. There’s something instantly iconic about a McFlurry. With McDonald’s now on UberEats, giving into the craving has been even easier during the pandemic. And while we love the Oreo edition, you should always stay vigilant for new limited-edition flavors such as the Shamrock Oreo McFlurry and the Chips Ahoy McFlurry.