TGI Fridays Is Bringing Circus Food to the Strip Mall – Thrillist

The circus, as an idea, is like a blank canvas on which each of our minds paints our innermost hopes and fears like one of those art-making animals whose work sells for a ton of money and then people are like, Hmm, was it really the elephant who made that, though? The big top is alternately the grounds of joy where a balloon bouquet seems as though it might sweep you off your feet, or a terrifying tableau set to a sinister rendition of “Entrance of the Gladiators” played by menacing clowns. Food’s good though, and TGI Fridays is adding some of those do-do-do-do-do-do goodies to its menus this spring. 

Dubbed “Under the Big Top” like it’s a director’s cut or subreddit, the menu includes whiskey-glazed skewers and donut burgers, a mozzarella stick grilled cheese, giant churro twists, cheese fries by the pound, and cocktails like the cotton candy cosmo and fire-eating fireball margarita. Some locations will have tented parking lots to accommodate live music, face painting, and giveaways.

“Under the Big Top was inspired by the pent-up demand to go back to restaurants and annual events that provide nostalgic and memorable experiences, like the state fair or the circus,” chief experience officer Sara Bittorf said in a statement. “As we approach warmer months and brighter days ahead, there’s a desire for fun experiences and a reason to celebrate. We hear consumers loud and clear, and we can’t wait to safely bring this extra-craveable