9 examples of the Eskenazi Passport Menu of global flavors – Food Management

Eskenazi Health is offering specials representing 52 cuisines in 52 weeks and here are some that have been menued so far.

The Food & Nutrition Services Department at Eskenazi Health in Indiana launched a global flavors initiative called Passport Menu at the beginning of January with the goal of highlighting 52 different regional cuisine traditions from around the world in the 52 weeks of 2021. The dishes are being offered at various stations in Eskenazi’s main Ingram Micro Mobility Marketplace dining venue as well as at its Café Soleil sit-down restaurant. In all, the program looks to serve several dozen dishes for each week’s featured cuisine.

The cuisines being picked will often represent regions rather than countries or continents because the goal is to highlight specific traditions. So, for instance, one week will feature Mandarin cuisine from China while another region from the country might be featured later “because China has so many