8 Most Infamous Menu Cuts Taco Bell Has Ever Made | Eat This Not That – Eat This, Not That

Taco Bell fans know the chain lives by an ambitious philosophy of “I innovate, therefore I am.” Unfortunately, one of the inevitable realities of innovation is that some menu items have to be pruned in order to both accommodate cool novelties and keep the menu manageable for restaurant staff. And because Taco Bell’s items tend to garner somewhat of a cult following, fans get pretty upset about the cuts.

The following is a list of discontinued Taco Bell menu items that have hit fans the hardest—and some of this heartbreak dates as far back as the ’90s. While the chain is also good at surprising us with limited-time resurrections from time to time, there are certain items on this list that haven’t been seen in decades. Others can still be ordered via secret menu customizations—if you can explain to your Taco Bell server how to make it and you ask very nicely.

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Taco Bell Beefer