The best recipes for Lent 2021: Fish and seafood recipes to try – TODAY

Today is Ash Wednesday, marking the first day of Lent and for many Christians that means abstaining from meat. Since many people will be looking to change up their menu until Lent ends on April 3, now is a great time to embrace cooking fish and seafood. During the pandemic, Americans have already started shopping for more seafood to make at home. While we used to consume fish mainly in restaurants, with many places closed or at limited capacity, people have taken to cooking up everything from salmon and scallops to a whole fish in their home kitchens.

Jan. 17, 202005:28

If you’re new to buying fish, fear not — with a little bit of an adventurous spirit and some advice from your local grocer or fishmonger, you’ll be cooking up some tasty meatless dishes in no time.

While it’s great to visit a local fish market for your dinner, you can also get good seafood from the supermarket. Start a conversation with the store employee who will be happy to direct you to the best fillets and can usually provide advice on how to best prepare your fish before cooking.

“If you’re getting a whole fish look at the eyes — they should be clean and clear,” Aaron Thebault, executive chef at