Lunar New Year Menu: Eight Auspicious Foods To Eat As We Welcome The Year Of The Ox – Gothamist

With the Lunar New Year upon us—it’s 4719, the Year of the Ox—this is traditionally a time when families and friends around the world gather, and eat a lot of food that’s steeped in meaning.

“It’s the most significant holiday of the year,” Museum of Chinese in America curator Herb Tam told Gothamist/WNYC. “It’s sort of like our Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, everything rolled into one, which is really important just because of how much we’ve been through this year with the coronavirus. So I think this year, more than others, it’s this symbolism of renewal and rebirth.”

While it may be harder to get together with each other, you can still enjoy the food and celebrate virtually, and you don’t have to be Asian to appreciate these dishes. We’re revisiting our past suggestions for what you can devour during the holiday, which can last days in China. And given that Chinese people love superstitions and food, we’re giving you eight, yes, eight, examples of what to prepare (or order!) and why.

Many of the foods are often cooked and prepared beforehand so people can enjoy the feast and rest.

Fried dumplings