Best Takeout Meals in Seattle, 2020 – Eater Seattle

Eater usually ends December by surveying local food writers on various restaurant-related topics that sum up the previous 12 months. But 2020 wasn’t like any other year. Since the pandemic caused so much upheaval in the dining scene, it seemed appropriate to include health care professionals and a science writer on the panel this time around to get their perspectives on COVID-19 impacts.

We’ll roll out more topics in the coming days. Here, the various experts weigh in on this question: Which takeout meals stood out the most in 2020?

During the summer, we had a lot of fun biking, picking up takeaway, and eating at a nearby park. We loved Bok a Bok for this outing. For a really special treat, we ordered from Village Sushi and ate it at the park. Others we frequent are Indian Bistro (large orders and wonderfully tender chicken), Chopstick Cuisine (large orders provide multiple meals), Mioposto, Pagliacci Pizza, Wedgwood Alehouse, Señor Villa, Metropolitan Market Deli food options, and PCC prepared food. We are missing a good Thai cuisine on our list of options. — Lori Higa, registered nurse

Takeout has been one of our treats of the pandemic. We’ve aimed to try something different as often as we can and to buy deep. But mostly takeout, not delivery, as we didn’t want to support third party apps. In the past nine months, we’ve returned to Sushi Kashiba, Eden Hill Provisions, Addo, Coyle’s Bakeshop, Ba Bar, and